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We are a Montreal tech-startup called Wilson. All our team members are also from Montreal, Quebec and all love the diversity of the many small stores in our city. Since the COVID-19 crisis, we see this danger: the big online-retailers and supermarket-chains win, the small local businesses lose.

Usually operating in the real-estate sector with our usewilson.com, we had the ideato adapt our technology in a way that it connects Montreal’s local stores with its community via our mobile app.

We want to make it easier for local businesses to keep selling to their current customers throughout the crisis and even reach new ones. We also want to make it possible for Montrealers to keep shopping, enjoying and supporting their city’s local small businesses - only online.After many talks with local restaurant owners about a potential concept that can work for them, we came up with Wilson!

Your weekly delivery by your local shops!

When a community has a vibrant local business community, it creates ample opportunities and makes your city shine

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